Our Core Values


We are committed to results.  We prioritize completion over perfection.  We adjust our effort to meet our goals (not the other way around)


We strive to make a positive impact in every interaction.  More than simply doing the right thing, we seek to permanently remove darkness from our communities.

Intentional Curiosity

We are constantly and vigorously looking for ways that we can create more value for our residents, our employees, our investors and our community.


We are committed to growth.  We take a long-term view and act with intention to achieve our goals.  We are never seeking a “quick-fix”.

How We Execute

Guiding Principles

Everybody Wins

We try and provide value in every interaction. We treat people fairly. We try and find win-win solutions whenever possible.

Environments Encourage Results

We believe that our physical environments have a significant impact on our quality of life. We strive to create environments that promote well-being and success.

We Provide “Actual” Value

Every aspect of how we design, build, and manage communities is about improving the quality of people’s lives. Whether you are our tenant, our employee, our investor or our neighbor, your life will be improved though our interaction.

On a Close Pitch, We Swing

We are oriented toward action. We are never reckless, but we move with intention toward our goals.


We are respectful stewards of the resources that are within our influence. We consider the needs and desires of our various stakeholders and we act with integrity to provide high-quality outcomes.